Our Story

It’s time to shed the day and be in the here and now – surrounded by the people you love, the critters you cherish and the things that make you feel best.

California top to bottom

Since our humble beginnings in Berkeley in 1998 we have offered stylish, fun, consciously crafted, deliciously indulgent sleepwear. Now from our current operations in sunny Venice – Electric Avenue, near Abbot Kinney – we maintain our heritage but offer new patterns, stylish cuts and beautiful fabrics like our 100% cotton Luxe Pima and our Pima Knit, which is a blend of Pima Cotton, Modal and elastane. The Cats family is a husband and wife team supported by devoted employees. Feel free to call us - we're always happy to hear from you.  Find us online and at fine stores and boutiques around the country.

Carefully crafted

We maintain our heritage of making pajamas in California but, with our growth, we have expanded to Peru as well. We chose Peru because of the beautiful Pima cotton that is hand-picked in the Andes Mountains. This long-threaded fibre has vibrance and strength that makes it special. We also appreciate that the garments are grown, woven and sewn all in Peru, minimizing our carbon footprint. And the workers in Lima are treated fairly and operate in clean, attractive conditions. (If you haven't been to Lima -- it's a foodie's dream). We are proud to be a part of a creative community that’s making well-designed, well-made things that people feel good about using.  

Does Loungewear have to be frumpy or super serious?

No way. When you shed those outside clothes we know you want to slip into soft, comforting clothes that lift you up – even if you’re just lying around.

You, your sister, your roommate, your best friend, the love of your life – you all deserve this. Enjoy your treasures and thank you kindly.